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Why Summer is Perfect for Bathroom Planning

With the longer days and beautiful weather Summer is the perfect time to plan a full revival of your bathroom. Plan your bathroom design and installation now, ready for the winter months.

In the winter, the bathroom should become a real place of refuge. In the summer, it should feel light, and cool.

As Manchester based bathroom design and fitting specialists, we think that choosing the right bathroom design, means capturing these two concepts. And you must make the most of your available space.

Why not take advantage of the lighter, warmer days to get to grips with what your dream bathroom should look like?

How Important is Your Basin?

You might think the bath is the star, but, in fact, the basin is the most important part of your bathroom. Why?

It’s the most used part, where you brush your teeth, wash your hands and face, and where you look into the bathroom mirror. Therefore, make the most of your basin.

You don’t want your bathroom to be too cold and strictly functional. Consider your basin design, where you house it, and what surrounds it. Can you fit it to its own, specific furniture, or maybe mount it on marble?

Get the right mirror, and lighting to match. Don’t skimp on your basin’s design and quality.

What About the Bath?

If you choose a free standing or footed bath, rather than one that’s fitted, it can create more floor space.

More floor space will make your bathroom look that much bigger, and this style of bath gives you more lighting opportunities, such as lighting the back or even undersides of the bath.

Say No To Carpets!

Yes, you want a comfortable, stylish bathroom, but you also want to be able to keep it properly clean.

A carpeted bathroom will not allow you to do this. Carpets can easily become worn and discoloured, and are much harder to keep clean, especially when they get wet.

Instead, choose tiles. These are much easier to keep clean, and you can use them to expand your bathroom’s colour scheme.

And Talking of Colour…

Be thoughtful about your bathroom’s colour scheme. You don’t have to stick to traditional creams and whites, but where you choose bolder, or darker, colours, also contrast them with lighter tones – you don’t want your bathroom to be gloomy, or feel too closed-in.

Generally, steer clear of fabrics, and opt instead for tiles and mirrored surfaces. Smaller bathrooms can benefit enormously from mirrored doors to help make the space seem bigger.

Lighting is Crucial

You must get the lighting right in your bathroom design. Yes, you will need a main light, but not always. Mood lighting and lighting around your bathroom mirror and basin areas is crucial.

Choose different levels of lighting that you can use for different times of day in your bathroom. Install a dimmer switch for when you want a luxurious, peaceful soak in the bath.

Don’t Forget Storage

While a bathroom should be stylish and comfortable, it must also be practical. Bathrooms need sufficient storage, such as shelving and cabinets. Most of us have plenty of bottles, grooming materials and other accessories. These can soon make a space look cluttered and untidy if they’re left out on display.

Make sure your bathroom has enough storage that keeps the essentials out of site but easily accessible.

Last but not Least, the Loo

Where you position the loo in your bathroom can make a huge difference to how the whole room works.

For instance, if it’s the first thing you come across when you open the door, this will affect the whole tone of the room. Try to tuck the loo away in the corner, or at least not make it the focal point of your bathroom design.

Your Bathroom Project

This summer, transform your bathroom into something special. Talk to us about bespoke design and installation or visit our showroom or book a FREE design visit for inspiration.

Please contact us on 0161 794 0771, email or complete our online form.

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