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How to create a cosy bathroom for Winter

Cosy Bathoom in Winter

The modern bathroom is much more than functional. It’s also somewhere for you to unwind and relax in. And now that we’re on the cusp of winter, with shorter days and darker evenings, the bathroom as a place of refuge and comfort takes on a whole new significance.

As specialists in bathroom design and installation, based in Manchester, we want to give you our top tips for creating your cosy bathroom this winter.


When you want a nice, warm winter bath, you don’t want to be in the bright glare of your main bathroom lights.

By adding accent lighting to your bathroom, you can transform the mood of this special space.

Consider fitting wall lights, spotlights or under-counter lighting. For additional control, include a dimmer switch function. Then, when you want to the bathroom to feel inviting and snug, simply switch off the main lights and rely on your mood lighting instead.


How bright should your bathroom’s colour scheme be?

You might not want to go too dark or autumnal, but if you want to create that special, cosy atmosphere, tone down the brightness.

A good way of doing this is to opt instead for off whites or other pale shades and then your lighting work its magic.

Bathroom Furniture

The choice of materials for your bathroom furniture will influence the overall feel of the room. For example, choosing vintage wood rather than pine will add a nice sense of depth and contrast.

Vintage or vintage-looking furniture and accessories heighten a sense of cosiness.

You want to avoid your bathroom looking too cold or clean-cut, if you want to emphasise its snugness.


Obviously bathroom design is important, but it’s also true that the extra touches can make a huge difference to the overall impression of this space.

Think about additional features such as smaller, free-standing mirrors and cabinets that will bring more character and personality into the room.

Bathroom furnishings

Rugs are another vital element that bring cosiness into a bathroom setting.

Find some nice wall art, such as a mood-evoking print, and don’t forget the greenery. Plants can add a whole extra dimension to a bathroom.

Towel Rails

A bathroom needs to do more than look warm and inviting, it has to feel it too.

Luxurious Bathroom Towels

The perfect solution to a warm, cosy bathroom is a heated towel rail. And while you’re at it, invest in some good quality, large and cosy towels too!


Last but by no means least, your bathroom tiles can transform your bathroom into the ultimate cosy space you can retreat to in winter.

Tiles are an ideal way to refresh the colour palette of your bathroom, adding accenting and contrast, and setting the perfect mood for it.

Whereas a classic white-tiled bathroom might feel a little too cold in winter, incorporating warmer colours into your tiling design will bring some depth and warmth to your surroundings.

Think in terms of sand or earth tones, or warm reds and terracotta shades.

Set the Scene…

It’s one thing to be hopping nimbly in and out of the shower on a cold winter’s morning, but it’s quite another to prepare your bathroom for a luxurious, comforting evening soak.

Dim those lights, make sure your towels are properly toasty, get the bath-oils or salts at the ready, and prepare to immerse yourself.

We’re experts in modern bathroom design, with a full design and installation service to bring your bathroom dreams to life.

Call us on 0161 794 0771, email or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

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