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How to Make Your Bathroom Design Accessible AND Stylish

People can misunderstand accessibility for pure functionality when it comes to bathroom design. As specialists in accessible bathroom design in Manchester, we have a different take on accessibility.

Accessible bathrooms can be elegant and relaxing spaces, as well as providing the necessary safety and comfort for the people using them.

All bathroom has come on a long way in recent years, with plenty of options and different styles.

Here, we’ll take you through some of the important aspects of the modern, stylish accessible bathroom.

Why Accessibility Matters

For many of us, choosing a new bathroom is mostly about taste. We’re sick of the same old surroundings, or we want to take advantage of new designs that offer improved performance with power showers or more spacious baths.

But plenty of people will benefit from a new bathroom design for other, more fundamental reasons.

For many, mobility is an issue, either through age or disability. An old bathroom might not just be unattractive, it could also be a liability and a risk to their health and safety.

Adapting a bathroom for disability needs, is, therefore, not just desirable but essential.

Here are some issues the accessible bathroom should address:

· Getting in and out of the bath or shower safely

· Turning taps on and off

· Getting up from a low toilet

· Wheelchair or walking frame access

· Lack of space for a carer to be on hand

· Overall bathroom location.

Walk-in Baths

Walk-in baths greatly enhance accessibility, and allow space for physical assistance from a carer, if required.

There are plenty of options for attractive designs, that combine a high degree of functionality with styles that range from contemporary minimalist to more opulent concepts.

Wet Rooms

The wet room is an excellent accessibility option for a modern, stylish bathroom. With the shower on the same level as the floor, and with a non-slip base, this eliminates safety issues to do with stepping in or out of a shower cubicle or area.

Wet rooms are perfect for all ages, and they can also help with maximising space in a bathroom – something that is extremely helpful for accessibility.

Efficient Storage and Space

Storage can be an issue in bathrooms, and overhanging cupboards are definitely something to avoid if you want to ensure the room is safe and accessible.

The good news is that there are now many modern bathroom design options that prioritise discreetly-designed storage to give bathrooms a modern, spacious feel. Obviously, this also has advantages for accessibility.

Another way of improving storage is to ensure wall-mounted cupboards or shelves are fitted to the desired height, to make them as user-friendly as possible.

Where space allows, having a vanity unit that is floating – not fixed to a wall – makes it that much more accessible.

The Wall-hung Bathroom Sink

Having a wall-hung sink that is fixed at the appropriate height, without cupboards underneath it is the perfect accessible bathroom fitting.

It means it’s good for anyone to use, but doesn’t take up as much floor space, which is ideal for wheelchair access.

Another useful option is to install single taps, to make controlling water temperature and switching water on and off easier.

The Accessible Bathroom Toilet

It’s important to consider optimum toilet height for your accessible bathroom, along with strategically placed grab rails.

Again, though, the choice of modern toilet designs means you can combine this necessary functionality with a toilet that fits in well with the overall design scheme of your bathroom.

This toilet from Duravit, operates automatically, and has lots of useful functionality.

Bring Your Design Together With Tiles

Tiles can really make a bathroom. They are also integral to accessible bathroom design, whether you’re using them for a wet room, or to ensure safe, non-slip bathroom surfaces.

Maintaining a sense of space and openness is essential in the accessible bathroom, and the right choice of tile design can greatly enhance this.

Accessible Bathroom Design in Manchester

Having an accessible bathroom does NOT mean settling for second-best. As specialists in bathroom design and installation, we supply the design that will work best for your home, and your accessibility needs.

For more information about our bespoke bathroom design and installation service in Manchester and the North West, please call us on 0161 794 0771, email our complete our contact form.

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