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What Makes A Perfect Bathroom Design?

Is bathroom design important? For some, the bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in their home. For others, it feels functional, or a place which attracts clutter. .

Bathroom Design by Alfred Fraser Bathrooms

However, just because you do not have the greatest amount of space, should not mean you just take your bathroom for granted.

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a focal point of a home. It’s a necessity, but also can provide a source of comfort, even retreat.

Bathrooms are so personal. They are something we all have, with items in them that might seem common to all, but each bathroom has the potential to be a unique space.

What to Look at First

First things first, what are your needs? Do you need a busy, family bathroom, or are you looking for a more aesthetic place of sanctuary?

While you might think that we all use our bathrooms for the same, basic human needs and functions, everyone is different.

You should, therefore, think about what you want to feel like in your bathroom. Are you someone who wants a swift, invigorating shower then be out and about? Or is the bathroom somewhere you take comfort, and take your time preparing for the day ahead?

These considerations will help decide your bathroom design. Work backwards: visualise the result then look at what that will involve.

How to Plan Your Layout

Here is a useful tip: if your existing bathroom layout works well, you do not have to change it. It becomes a case of upgrading the components, but not shifting their location.

However, you might want things to be different. For example, do you have a separate bath and walk-in shower. Do you want both? You might not feel you need a bath and a shower right now, but what if your family grows in the future?

Bathroom dimensions are hugely important, because it is often about utilising existing space, rather than expanding it. This can still be very effective. You should also look at your existing pipework, and where you have doors and windows. These can all contribute to the extent of your bathroom redesign.

What Inspires You?

Any designer will tell you how difficult it is to conjure ideas out of thin air. It helps to have a starting point, even if it is an indirect one. This might be a colour you have seen, even if it is not in a bathroom. Or it might be a specific mood, or location.

Really, anything is up for grabs when it comes to inspiration. Think of the kind of look you want and the type of surfaces this involves.

Practical Considerations

Because of how a bathroom functions, it has certain requirements regardless of its overall design.

We have already mentioned things like pipework and doors and windows.

Another key requirement is ventilation. If you overlook this, you can run into trouble later. A bathroom that is insufficiently ventilated may build up condensation, which can then damage things like bathroom furniture. No one wants a bathroom that feels damp all the time.

Also, consider the lighting for your bathroom, because this can make a huge difference to how your design feels. One solution is to have different levels of lighting, including a low-level option for when people want to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, without disturbing others.

Real Design

Keep it real. It is nice to want to try something different, but if your available space cannot realistically accommodate it, you risk ending up with something that falls short of your vision.

This is where bespoke bathroom design is so valuable. We can help turn your ideas into a workable reality that retains the wow factor.

We specialise in bathroom design and fitting in Manchester. Contact us, or visit our bathroom showroom in Swinton.

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