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Can you make a dark bathroom work?

Alfred Fraser dark bathroom
Dark and Classy - is this the style for you?

Must a bathroom be light? Once upon a time there was the avocado bathroom suite. This was created in 1969 and peaked in popularity in the 1970s.

In subsequent decades, the avocado bathroom suite became a byword for taste that had run out, the symbol of the less cool remnants of that decade, something that people would rather forget.

Now, however, darker bathrooms are back. In fact, even the original manufacturer of those long lost avocado suites is reviving the colour.

Should you dare to go dark for your bathroom, and if so, what are your best options?

As specialists in bathroom design and fitting, based in Swinton, Manchester, we’re going to tell you what to do to make a dark bathroom work.

First, the Walls

Don’t go rushing headlong for the bathroom suite, or your fittings. Think first about what will surround and contain you in a dark bathroom.

Ideally, choose tiles. Think in terms of dark porcelain or ceramic.

Your walls will take up the most visual space, so the colour of tiles you choose will act as a dramatic backdrop for the features in your bathroom.

Remember, though, if you decide to go for a darker tile colour, a dramatic grey say, then you need contrasting textures to work off it. This might be wood or textured paint.

How Dark is Dark?

Okay, so a darker bathroom is a bold choice, but be careful not to be too bold.

It is best to consider the overall colour palette of your home and how your bathroom will fit in with it.

In other words, you don’t want your bathroom to stand out like a sore thumb, even while you want to define it as a unique space.

When it comes to darker bathroom shades, colours may either feel cold or warm. So, for example, if the rest of your home has a cooler colour palette, keep the bathroom colour in keeping with this.

Likewise, if your home has warmer tones and shades.

Don’t Neglect Contrast

Contrast is the key to successful use of colour in bathroom design. While choosing a darker colour scheme can work, you don’t want to make it too uniform, otherwise you risk making your space seem oppressive.

What form might this contrast take?

Consider the colour of shelves and cabinets, when set against your tiled walls. Go for some highlighting details in a much paler colour, even white.

In a dark bathroom, the walls will absorb light, so it is vital that you look for contrast.

This might be the fittings, the furniture, or the bathroom suite itself.

Shine On

Again, considering how darker colours absorb light, use shiny surfaces and fittings to offset this and to give a greater sense of depth to the space.

A metal that is highly reflective will allow the light to bounce of it, adding reflectivity to otherwise light-absorbing space.

Choosing a dark bathroom can seem like a radical departure, but done right, it will add a sense of richness and sophistication to your surroundings, turning your bathroom into a true statement piece.

Your bathroom should be all about mood and texture. A darker design sets the tone, literally and in terms of the emotional feel of the space.

We can help you explore the possibilities of bathroom design, then help you through the whole process, from design to supply, installation and aftercare.

Visit our showroom for inspiration, or contact us to talk about your bathroom project.

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