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Is the Perfect Vanity Crucial to Your Bathroom Design?

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

The word vanity has negative associations, to do with excessive pride or conceit, but the bathroom vanity can become the centrepiece of a good bathroom design.

Yes, the name sounds a little old fashioned, but in today’s contemporary bathroom, the bathroom vanity retains its central place of importance.

What this means is that you may want to choose the right design for this centrepiece, around which the rest of your bathroom can take shape.

What is the Bathroom Vanity?

The bathroom vanity is the combination of sink or basin and its surrounding area. Traditionally, this surrounding area conceals the plumbing but also provides storage.

Much like the kitchen, it has a worktop as a key part. This is usually moisture-resistant and usually made of laminate, stone, cement or wood. However, modern bathroom designs may draw on other materials.

These new materials, combined with cutting edge design concepts, now mean that when it comes to the bathroom vanity, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up.

At the very start of your day, you’re likely to head for the bathroom vanity, which means you want it to be just right for your purposes, and for whomever is sharing its use.

Bathroom Vanity Concepts

Who the vanity is for may determine how it looks and feels. For example, you might want a family space, one that’s going to be used by parents and kids alike.

In spacious bathroom, you could therefore have two sinks, one set lower for children.

Think about the overall style of your bathroom. If you’re going for something more traditional, then a pedestal sink might be just the thing. Alternatively, you might want something sleek and minimal, with pared-back furniture to match.

Think in terms of materials and textures. Wood can add warmth and a natural feel, especially if it dominates the bathroom vanity and surrounding zone.

Marble and other stone worktops add a sense of coolness and space, and is ideal in an uncluttered design, if you can keep your storage requirements to a minimum.

Boldness abounds in modern bathroom designs, from ultra-minimalism to even industrial-style finishes, with exposed pipework and plenty of metallic finishes combined with concrete worktops.

Freestanding cabinets can work wonders for bathroom vanity areas, becoming central features in themselves. This sort of arrangement emphasises the multi-functional possibilities of a bathroom, as somewhere that doubles up as a dressing room and even a kind of social space.

You don’t have to restrict your storage to cupboards. Open storage also works well, with a console vanity providing ample shelf and stacking space for towels.

The sheer variety of modern sink designs lend themselves to adventurous bathroom vanity ideas.

This can be anything from bowl-shaped vessel sinks to directly wall-mounted alternatives, freeing up more worktop and storage space.

Your Bathroom is You

You don’t have to feel vain about your bathroom vanity. Caring about the individuality of your bathroom design matters because bathrooms are important to the character of a home and how it reflects the tastes of its owners.

We can help you make your bathroom truly exceptional. We offer a bespoke design and installation service, but you can also visit our showroom to give you more ideas about what you want.

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